Space Starts Here

An industry-led initiative that originated in late 2016, Space Scotland formalised in 2021 as a not-for-profit company to actively support Scotland’s ‘end-to-end’ space ecosystem and value chain.

Our Mission

To build a community that actively represents and enables Scotland’s space industry to surpass its potential, becoming a truly world-class environment for businesses and a global champion for an inclusive and sustainable approach to space operations.

A place where all members, companies, organisations and institutions have an equal voice and are committed to working together to ensure the development and growth of the whole sector to achieve the ambition of the Scottish Space Strategy by 2030:


  • Space Economy

    Space Economy

    A commercial space market that makes an annual contribution to the Scottish economy in excess of £4bn.

  • People


    An increase in the workforce by five times the current level. A diverse workforce that is fully reflective of Scottish society and promotes the message that space is open for all.

  • Leading By Example

    Leading By Example

    A globally recognised strategic location and European leader for commercial space developments.

  • Upstream Launch

    Upstream Launch

    Leveraging Scotland’s position as Europe’s leading small satellite manufacturing location to add a range of managed orbital launch services, horizontal and vertical, to secure the UK’s position as a leading launch nation.

  • Downstream Data

    Downstream Data

    Supporting the commercialisation of space sourced information from Scotland’s many earth observation and geospatial companies.

  • Research & Academia

    Research & Academia

    Continuing to encourage engagement between the Scottish space industry and the academic institutions that underpin the sector, while highlighting Scotland’s heritage in contributing to large-scale space missions led by the likes of NASA and the European Space Agency.