• Scotland.
  • The place
  • for space.

Our community brings together space stakeholders from across industry, academia and government to enable the growth of the Scottish space sector, as part of the wider UK proposition. Our team works collaboratively with members to identify opportunities and challenges for the industry, with a focus on delivering tangible outcomes. We aim to promote, coordinate and connect, whilst encouraging cross-sectoral initiatives and outreach to ensure the sector’s impact is felt beyond the space industry itself.

“As minister responsible for the space sector, I attend the SSLC’s council meetings and look forward to continuing our close collaboration in order to further develop the sector and promote opportunities for our businesses. I welcome the UK Space Agency’s recognition of the importance of a unified industry voice from Scotland and for my part, I will champion the views of our sector at all levels of government”

“As home to around a fifth of all space jobs in the UK, Scotland is a vital part of our growing space sector. We have provided funding for Space Scotland because we recognise the important work they are doing to champion space, catalyse investment and create jobs.”